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Winter Projects Part 1 – Casting

At this time of year (early November) I have developed a habit of reflecting on my fly fishing year thus far. A mini review, identifying anything that needs/could be improved or new ideas to be tried/tested for the next year.

Five years ago, I thought it would be a good idea to train myself to cast as well with my left hand as my right. This was not something I had done seriously before. I can cast at any rod angle through 180 degrees from right to left, right handed, so the left side I tended to neglect. However, it dawned on me that should I seriously injure my right arm at any point, it would not only impact my fishing, but my business too. This gave added impetus to doing something about the situation. Call it scenario planning, if you like.

Each year since, I have spent a small amount of time in total, on a little and often basis, training my left arm to fly cast correctly. I am now convinced that while it’s not as good as my right side yet, a concerted effort this winter, could see me cast better left handed than right!

Why? My hypothesis (and that is all it is) points to me training my left side from scratch, using correct technique and proven training methods. On the right side, I made every mistake under the sun, gradually resolving bad habits over the years as I learned through both doing and seeking out help from professionals. It will be interesting to see what happens. Have any thoughts on this? Please leave a comment if so.

So what fly casting projects could you take on this winter? Increased distance, improved accuracy, learning a new technique, using different equipment for specific situations, etc. The first step is to identify what you want, then go see a professional coach. This will align your wants and needs. You will also gain an invaluable pathway to achieving your goal.

Once you have this, it’s then down to high quality practice!

Best wishes for your winter goals.


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