autumn fly fishing

Why Autumn is My Favorite Time to Fly Fish

Autumn has replaced Spring recently as my favorite time to fly fish. Why? Fish have had the season of plenty, are in tip top condition and are feeding hard before winter. On the rivers, browns are in pre-spawn feeding mode, while grayling and rainbows continue to fatten up.┬áLate season salmon are a great challenge, once you’ve hooked an Atlantic salmon, you realise their reputation for fighting hard is well deserved!

On the lakes, water temperatures are dropping along with food availability over the coming weeks, result? Trout feeding harder, for longer, means better fishing opportunities for us. Stillwater brown trout become more susceptible to our flies and autumn is a great time to chase a big one! Hatches of caddis, falls of crane flies and other terrestrials can offer fantastic dry fly on lakes of all sizes.

Perhaps the most exciting fishing however, is sight fishing to fry feeding trout. The sight of small fish leaping from the water in panic, the subsequent explosion of water as trout attack, it’s like something out of Blue Planet. A well timed cast in the right place is rewarded by a solid take and an exhilarating fight.

All this and I’ve not even mentioned pike, carp, saltwater or destination fly fishing opportunities, yes, Autumn’s my favorite!

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