Reflection takes many forms, from light reflected from the waters surface, to us looking back over experiences. Reviewing your own fly fishing experiences, plus media previously viewed, be that books, video, fishing logs, magazines, etc. is a tremendously powerful learning tool. It’s a method I have used for years and continue to, reminding myself of information, ideas, and experiences forgotten with time, then reflecting on them with a different point of view.

Not only do we forget some gems of information, we look at things differently as our experience and knowledge grows. So when the weather is doing it’s best to keep you indoors this month (their are conditions when even I rather be inside than bank┬áside), try this tip.

Two examples where I see this work very well are videos and practical tuition. Typically with a video the first viewing is largely entertainment. For informational videos a second and third viewing will be where you learn much more. Subsequent viewings after several weeks, months and a year gap then often enable you to see something new.

Similarly, every year I see some clients who want a refresher or who opt to repeat a course simply because we don’t capture or retain all the information from a single session. It’s not a waste of time or money, it’s enjoyable and what you do learn will ultimately benefit your fly fishing. You see, longer term a review actually saves time/money, as you make much more of your fly fishing.

Let me know if this works for you.


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