Fly Fishing Tech Hacks Part 3

If you have followed my posts here over time, you will probably realise that most of the time, on most water ways, fish are opportunistic feeders. Put another way, presenting a fly that looks edible, where they want it, when they want it, is a very successful strategy.

However, there are times, when the fly you present the fish with, is critical to them eating it. Often referred to as “selective feeding” the fish are focused on specific food forms or even stages of a given species (e.g. an emerger). It is now that answering the question “what are they eating?” is a must.

Enter Google Lens! This useful app allows you to identify things within an image. So the next time flies are hatching, fish are rising and your best attempts are ignored, try this little hack.

First collect, then photograph the fly with your phone. Second, use Google Lens to ID the fly. Third, perform a quick search for fly patterns to imitate the natural (if required). Search your fly box(es) for a suitable imitation, and commence your assault on the fish.

Is the app 100% correct on identification? No. It is however right more than wrong and often close enough even then. Like other AI applications, this will only get better with time and use. It’s a useful tool for short cutting your learning curve as you develop your own experience. Unlike the options covered in part 1 – creating your own database and part 2 – fish location tools, we are looking here at the minority of situations and a possible solution for when the going gets really tough.

Try it and see if it works for you!