P is for Practice

Practice as the often quoted phrase says, makes perfect. We might all know it, however that might not be enough to make us want to indulge in it.

When talking about fly fishing and practice, we typically think of fly casting. This is really important, beneficial and can be great fun. Other aspects that benefit from practice (and which can be done off water at home or anywhere) are knot tying and fish spotting, the latter using visual exercises and drills to develop subsurface vision.

As for the benefits of fly casting practice, checkout the video below. How many times do I say the word “trip”?

With just a small amount of time and effort, it’s easy to obtain huge gains in your fly casting, fish spotting and knot tying. The big win for you,┬áis being able to locate more fish, deliver your fly effectively to those fish and land more of them too. Need I say more? Yes, you say! OK, for further motivation, checkout this excellent bit of research.

Enjoy Practice!


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