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Observation – I’m Watching You!

One of the most powerful skills I teach clients is observation. This takes in several different aspects, helping us piece together the puzzle of “where are the fish and what are they eating”.

You see, way too many over enthusiastic, fishing deprived, fly fishers are so keen to get started, they overlook this key point. It’s easy to do if you’ve not hit the water for a few weeks or worse, months! By observing the macro environment, gradually zooming in to the water, then specific areas like this, you can locate fish and their food of choice. This becomes crucial when 10% of the water contains 90% of the fish.

One example of this process is fish spotting and subsequent observation of it’s behaviour, helping us choose the best approach to catching it. Checkout this short video, then ask yourself the subsequent questions.

  • Where is the fish in the above video?
  • Is the fish feeding?
  • How many times does the fish take during the video?

If you answered the questions above, congratulations, you will know that the fish ate 3 nymphs during 18 seconds. A key part of answering the puzzle of how to catch it. Just incase you are wondering, yes I did –

observed trout caught
Catch It!

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