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Improving Your Fly Fishing – A sight fishing case study

If anyone is more enthusiastic and full of joy for the sport of fly fishing than Derek (see above image), I’ve yet to meet them! He has several decades successful ¬†fly fishing,¬†across many aspects of the sport behind him and still wants to learn more.

I’d known Derek for some time, when one day he asked, would I be able to help him enjoy sight fishing as much as he used to? Like myself he loves visual fly fishing, especially the thrill of watching a fish eat your fly. We agreed it was worth a try.

Firstly, we looked at his current sight fishing skills, highlighting key elements for improvement and how we would achieve these goals. Derek then ensured his glasses were up to date so his performance was not impacted by improper eyewear.

We reviewed his equipment to ensure everything maximised his ability to enjoy sight fishing lakes and rivers optimally. His fundamental fly fishing skills and knowledge were sound, however I saw potential to enhance his fish and bite spotting skills. We corrected these with two simple practice activities.

Almost instantly Derek showed significant improvement in this aspect of the sport. He’s gone one to catch numbers of large trout from stillwaters and rivers to such an extent that the only question is, “who is more overjoyed about this change, Derek or me?”.

Take a look at some of his subsequent sight fishing successes.

sight fishing river brown trout
Sight fishing river brown trout.
fly fishing lessons coaching
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Stalking big trout from stillwaters
Stalking big trout from stillwaters

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