Summer Fly Fishing Lakes

Five Summer Fly Fishing Tips

Fly fishing for trout during Summer provides the angler with fabulous sport provided you adapt to a new set of conditions. Here are 5 tips to boost your success: –

1. Water temperature and the resulting oxygen levels are vital, so venue selection is key. Spring fed rivers and lakes are a huge advantage as are high elevation waters where the temperature may not be as high. Here you are more likely to find actively feeding trout.

2. Fish when the trout feed. Summer time often means fishing during the cooler parts of the day to maximise your chance of success. Morning and evening are prime time!

3. Do something different. In the above photo Andrea went and dibbled a dry fly along a shaded overgrown bank during a hot, sunny day. It was cooler here, the fish felt more confident due to shade and less fishing pressure. The restricted back cast put most anglers off this spot, Andrea roll cast to overcome this. A fish was caught on her third cast! Whether you are fishing lake or river, putting your fly where fish feel safe is a good way to achieve success.

4. Where you are allowed/able to consider using more than one fly to up your chances of a take. Summer is a time of plenty for trout!

5. For the same reason as point 4, wherever you can see a fish, get your fly as close to it’s feeding zone as possible. Doing this hugely increases your chance of a take. Checkout this short video below in addition to the link above. Note it’s just as relevant to rivers!

Wishing you fun on the water!


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