Choice - the effect of overwhelm!


If you’ve ever walked through a retail store or e-commerce website and felt overwhelmed, you are not alone. It’s one of many sales strategies used to get us to buy more. Based on the theory that when faced with huge choice people buy more just in case and because they are confused and don’t want to get it wrong.

The same physiological function also acts against us when waterside, gazing at huge fly selections, accumulated in the fly box(es) we carry. The above image depicts a lot of choice, multiple different fly patterns. More often than not, a good quality suggestive fly will be good enough. If you accept that, then a small selection of fly patterns, with some size, colour and where relevant weight variation will help you. Spend more time fishing confidently, less time dithering over what fly to fish. This video shows a basic sample of flies I’m talking about!

A further development of this selection, including, useful size and colour variants can be found here.

Try building this approach into your general fly fishing, especially if you only fish a few times each year. Most of the time, it will pay you back handsomely!

Thanks for reading.


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