how change affect fishing


When it comes to change, trout are not all that different from people, i.e. on average change is not liked. Take as an example that affects both species, weather.

Imagine you are on holiday, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature warm. It’s been the same for days and you are very happy, relaxed and comfortable, everything feels easy. Suddenly you see dark clouds on the horizon, you feel the wind increase and air temperature start to fall. Within minutes it feels cold and rain is lashing down. You feel uncomfortable, perhaps a little tense and your mood changes.

You just experienced a change of weather that was most unwelcome. The result will have been a change in your behaviour of some description. The same thing occurs with trout.

Remember a day on your favourite water when conditions seemed good, fish were feeding well and you enjoyed catching some fish. Suddenly, conditions changed and everything stopped, like a switch had been flipped. Not a fish moved anywhere and no more fish were caught that day.

What can we learn from this? Firstly, some weather conditions are preferred by both fish and people. Conditions that are typically productive fishing days for trout are mild south westerly wind, overcast, with maybe some light rain. This is a well documented fact. I often quote the saying “when the wind’s from the east, fish bite least, when the wind’s from the west, fish bite best”. However in my experience, during periods of stable weather, regardless of conditions unless extreme, trout adapt given time and settle into a pattern of feeding.

It is the weather change that impacts on fish behaviour and it works both ways. For example a positive outcome may result from the reverse of our two scenarios above. The more dramatic the change the greater the resulting impact will be!¬†So when you go fishing it pays to whenever possible plan fishing during periods of stable weather. Remember though, when you have to go fishing when you can, “a bad day fishing beats a good day working”. Enjoy!

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