The Eyes Have It!

This perfect little roach measuring 5 inches (13cm) in length leapt to safety at my feet as a very determined rainbow trout chased it through the lake shallows in front of me. Just another day in this predator prey relationship!

I snapped this image as I returned the pretty little fish to the water. It’s colours were so vibrant, I will use it as a reference when developing imitative streamer patterns.

Reflecting on this image, my gaze in repeatedly drawn to the fishes eye. It’s a real dominant feature, something I’ve long felt and I’m not the first or the last to feel this way. For years saltwater fly fishers have incorporated eyes into their baitfish flies. This feature is something freshwater fly fishers have taken onboard, particularly with the explosion in popularity of streamer fishing.

Incorporating eyes into your streamers certainly makes a positive difference to catches at times, watch the video below. Why not try it?

Clip from Stillwater Fly Fishing.

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