Five Winter Fly Fishing Tips!

Whether you are grayling fishing on rivers, trout fishing on lakes or pike fishing on either this winter, these 5 tips will help you.

When to put it there – Focus your efforts between 11AM and 3PM. 8/10 days, this gets it done. Temps are highest during this time frame and so is fish activity generally.

Where to put it – It’s vital to present your fly at the feeding level of the fish. Whether that’s bottom feeding grayling on the river or trout cruising and feeding on a lake. The closer you get your fly to the fish’s mouth, the more it eats it! Don’t just think your fly is in front of fish, make sure it is.

If you are nymph fishing for winter grayling, your fly should snag bottom every few casts, if not, you are not fishing deep enough (Same holds true for pike on streamers). When you trout or pike fish lakes, vary drop time between casting and starting your retrieve. If you always start retrieving your sunk flies immediately, you are massively limiting your opportunity to catch.

Layer up – keeping warm and dry is going to help you fish well. You stay mobile, enthused and have fun for longer.

Food and fluids – Works with keeping warm. Hydration and blood sugar make fishing easier and fun. The longer you are having fun, the better!

Finer & Lighter – using tackle systems which are as light and fine as practical for your fishing, makes a major improvement to your catch rate. Winter time water conditions can be very clear and takes can be more subtle in cold temperatures. Lighter gear really helps take detection!

Have fun!


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